Between serene idyll and the feeling of celebration!

Toftaholm cannot be described in a few words. No glossy, flashy brochure could capture the experience. For Toftaholm is a rarely seen hybrid. Like a quiet rural idyll among oak hills and vast meadows, this historical manor rests by Lake Vidöstern, yet only minutes away from the E4 highway. A place for relaxation, entertainment, and good food, but also a place to learn from each other. People come here to disconnect from everyday life for a while, enjoy plain and simple pleasures, or perhaps discuss more important matters. Choosing Toftaholm for a conference means choosing to focus undisturbed on one's subject.

As the day transitions into evening, Toftaholm becomes a lively meeting place, sometimes with an enticing festive atmosphere. Additionally, a restaurant with a menu that surprises but never feels artificially pretentious. Later, as the night approaches, undisturbed sleep awaits in cozy rooms, classically decorated with an eye for Swedish traditions. One could have it worse, couldn't they?