Conference at Toftaholm

Toftaholm Herrgård is a meeting place for those who want a conference in a natural manor environment. We offer nice conference rooms to suit both small and large groups. We quickly tailor each conference according to the group’s size, wishes, activities and the season. We arrange both day conference and multi-day conference with overnight stay.

At most, we offer conference facilities for up to 90 people in theater-style seating and accommodate groups ranging from small gatherings to 60 people in classroom-style seating.

Furthermore, there are private rooms where you sit comfortably in plush chairs, with the lake as a backdrop. This is excellent for occasions like board meetings, where discretion and comfort are crucial. All the essential modern technology is, of course, always available.

Regardless of where you confer, you are never more than an arm's length away from the distinctive nature that surrounds Toftaholm. Taking a lunchtime stroll over the simple wooden bridge to Stenhusholmen offers a pleasantly brief walk among bleating sheep and the remnants of a 15th-century ruin that whispers tales of ancient battles.

Conference Requests