Lunch Menu

Served Monday-Sunday at 12.00-15.00
 including salad, water and coffee



Wild mushroom soup with roasted pork loin, croutons and chives (L, G)*

95 kr



Boeuf bourguignon with truffle puree and pickled onion (L)*

195 kr


Seared saithe with beurre blanc, chives and potato wedges (L)*

195 kr


Sweet potato hummus made from white beans with chanterells, carrot and potato
wedges (Legumes)*

195 kr


Children´s menu

Meatballs with potato puree, cream sauce and lingonberries

(G, L, MP, E) *

185 kr



Whipped mudcake with amaretto marinated berries (L, G, Almond)*

95 kr

(F= Fish, G=Gluten, L=Lactose, MP=Milkprotein, N=Nuts, S=Seafood E= Egg, N=Nuts)*


Booking request

If no allergy, select the first box to be able to send the form.