À la Carte


Fried wild mushrooms, fried shallot, cream on porcini, mushrooms, chives, apples,
redcabbage and lemon (L)*

Tartar of roe deer, pickled chanterelles, mustard, mushroom emulsion, tegel cheese
and dehydrated mushrooms (L) *


Main dishes

Fried venison thigh, pumpkin, baked carrot, bordelaise, orange, chervil and rösti

Seared halibut with funnel chanterelle, savoy cabbage, haselnuts, chestnut puree,
butter sauce and black cabbage (L, N)*

Risotto with roasted corn cream, crispy corn, black cabbage, peanut and capers pesto
(L, N)*



Chocolate dome filled with chocolate mousse, blood orange and caramell. Served with
blood orange sorbet and roasted white chocolate (L, E)*

Pannacotta on spruce shoots with roasted spongecake, dehydrated blueberries, rhum
marinated lingonberries and blueberry sorbet (L, Almond, E)*


(G=Gluten, L=Lactose, MP=Milkprotein, F= Fish, E= Egg, N=Nuts)

Prices: Starters 195 SEK, Main courses 335 SEK, Desserts 185 SEK

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